• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    According to news sources, AOL’s deal with Google runs out on December 17 and they have asked for (and received) special dispensation from the SEC to say nothing about what happens next.

    Ask’s CEO Doug Leeds says the company is not up for sale.

    And there has been a fair amount of opposition to the MicroHoo deal that made its way to the Department of Justice. I’m not holding my breath on any issues but the news media seems to be downplaying the opposition more than they should.

    Consumers and advertisers alike will lose out if the deal goes through as presented, as it will only serve to drive up advertising costs on the combined network and eliminate an organic search algorithm from consumers’ available resources.

    Yahoo!’s search share (as reported through these bogus pageview-based statistics) is already in decline, so the deal won’t bring any benefit to Microsoft at all in that respect. As the search brands that Yahoo! bought up died, so the Yahoo! search brand will also probably die.