• Denis Vitchevsky

    In no way was it US only. Israeli user here, was able to download photosynth months ago with an Israeli apple store account. Not a fluke, too, as I’ve recommended it to several coworkers over few months, and they could download it as well.

  • Matt McGee

    Interesting, thanks for the update, Denis. Makes me think they did roll out Photosynth quietly outside the US but never announced anything until it was available everywhere today.

  • Johann Visagie

    Yep, same here in Germany. It’s been available on the local App Store for a long time — almost a year I’d say — and I’ve been recommending it to a number of friends.

  • Ruth_OL

    Yes, and the UK too – I’ve had it for months. So are the 6 million downloads really US-only, or worldwide? If US-only, how many downloads have there been globally?