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    ZenZui sure looks cool and it also points out how important usability can be. The challenge will be to not only get people to learn and understand the service but then to download and use the “tiles” vs. going to a specific URL in their mobile browser and utilizing a version optimized for mobile (if available). It will also be interesting if the “tiles” offer additional features compared to a what’s on an optimized mobile web site (if anything, in the first place). Btw, the sites that Greg shares in his post all have versions optimized for mobile browsers.

    + Flickr Mobile

    + Traffic.com

    + Amazon.com (several country and language versions)
    + Another version of Amazon Mobile

    Note: Amazon.com tools from third parties are also available. One example is TicTap Mobile and SMS.

    + Kayak

    + ABC News

    I’ve compiled a handful (of many) mobile shopping sites here.