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    Awesome! Look forward to the great content ahead.

  • funkyg

    This is a great subject. As I have just finished the development of a .mobi site I know that it is not easy to decide what to do in term of seo.

    For example do you add in a title tag? There is nowhere to display it on a mobile, so it is effectively redundant. However for SEO terms is it still useful?

    Another problem is a good mobile specific search. There just doesn’t seem to be anything that useful. Look on Google Mobile and you get any site under the sun. Not area limited, or optimised for mobile display. A lot of the links it gives you struggle to display in any meaningful way. I’m sure they would on an iPhone, but the vast majority of users will not have an iPhone, and will be using something with a small screen, probably for the foreseeable future.

    I guess this brings up the iPhone. As this has it’s own methods of navigation, do you develop a separate iPhone site. My feeling is yes, if your market has a high rate of iPhone usage.