• jhuman

    hmmm. 50% savings for the same results??

  • http://turnuplocal.com T.L.

    Great article. I hope SMBs are reading and put their phone number on their websites. Seems a bit silly to have a web presence and no way to contact the business … Yikes. Completely agree with you the mobile. Get jatarted now or miss out on the huge opportunity that’s available.

  • http://www.fangdigital.com Jeff Ferguson

    The math is off on the savings (it looks like they just divided one number into the other rather than doing a difference calculation), but the advice is still very sound.

    Make sure you separate out your campaigns for mobile as well so you can track them separately!

  • http://www.slicmarketingsolutions.com/ S.M.

    Wow, I love this article, I was just having a conversation with one of my clients yesterday about how important it is going to be for them to have a mobile optimized website. They mentioned someone was trying to sell them an App and how it was the next big thing.

    I asked them when they have heard about someone downloading an app to find a car wash! I mean really, I think people looking for a ca wash are much more likely to go to Google in their mobile device and type in car wash.

  • http://www.localseoguide.com Andrew Shotland

    Jeff, I think my wording could be a bit more precise. The numbers on the “savings” column show the mobile CPC as a % of the desktop PPC.