• amolsonavane

    We had website search queries installed in one of our clients website
    providing bollywood videos. Since the client belonged to a different
    era, he had all old music videos on the homepage which clearly had no
    takers. However with the db search queries, it was easy to prove that
    with numbers.

    In this case of ecommerce theme park, client was in
    a position to afford the suggested overhaul however my suggestion to
    clients with smaller pockets is to integrate “tag cloud” on homepage.
    Once the keywords from search queries are identified , same can be
    reflected on homepage tag cloud and directed internally. This worked
    well with the bollywood client with no major costs attached.

    BTW i liked the logic applied on “monetizable questions” and “monetizable search queries! Great Read



  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    I agree, site search can be a goldmine. Good read, Bill.