• http://blog.agrawals.org Rocky Agrawal


    I noticed today that Google Maps now offers a (very buried) link to search user-generated content. This is based on My Maps as well as other KML sources.

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    Hey Greg:
    A couple of quick notes.

    In addition to street-level imagery that A9 offered (1/2005 – 10/2006) and Microsoft has been testing, don’t forget about and Mapp Visiocity from France.

    PagesJuanes offers GORGEOUS street-level imagery for cities in France and Spain. It’s been available for several years. Mappy Visiocity licenses the material. Over 6 million images available.

    Also, we’re seeing more and more 360 degree imagery coming from many sources including:
    + Immersive Media
    + SuperTours (Travel oriented)
    + CycloMedia
    + EuroVR

    ON THIS PAGE, we’ve posted links to all of these sources. Really cool stuff! Have fun.

    So, it just might be that the static street level is just be an intermediate point before 360 degree imagery become mainstream.

    Of course, thousands of traffic, weather, and other types of imagery from wecams offering near real time info is also available. We’re building a collection here.