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    Presently we need to see how the end users react to the Murdoch’s views. If we look at history of web then we can surely say that this media giant has no knowledge of Google or Web.

    I hope that they understand that stopping people to read content can backfire as it will give a huge opportunity to free content providers. I am not saying that give your paid content for free to google news. but don’t blame a search engine.

    It will be wise for Murdoch’s and his followers to understant online behaviour of users. It is rightly said if your content will provide value people will pay. I think Searchengineland.com, SEOMOZ and bruceclay.com are great examples of nonpaid and paid content. I think non paid content gives a better insight about your news and views and if users are really interested they will surely pay you.

    Just by blaming Google without understanding online behavior will do more harm than good to their businesses.

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    I think Murdoch appears to think he can control the web like he does the press and appears to be getting frustrated that it’s not the case. He’s seen revenues drop and thinks we’ll all want to pay him for his content.

    Sorry Murdoch but I think you’ve got it wrong. How do you expect people to find your content if you block Google? I hope he does block Google and pays for it with even less revenue.

    Want a good example of how to do it, try Experts Exchange. They allow Google to list answers to questions posted on their site so that when you click on it says to get the answer you need to be a member. You buy a membership and you get access to the answer.