• f-lops-y

    Wow! Nice catch! Please can you let us know what youfind out, and I’ll do some digging too.

  • f-lops-y

    first feedback:

    Yahoo! says:

    “We do not currently have plans to populate the search box as you describe below. Nonetheless, we can keep you apprised of future product development initiatives as appropriate. ”

  • f-lops-y

    not sure what it is – and a Google rep says that they are ‘very protective’ of their search bar over there, and that they have no plans to pre-populate either… so what’s up with MSN?

  • http://www.mykel.pl Michael Goc

    This has become popular in Poland. The 3 major portals (including one that uses Google for search results) are prefilling their search boxes almost daily. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more details.