• http://blog.outer-court.com Philipp Lenssen

    A very “dark” logo considering the original painting. Wonder if this took more convincing than usual in the Googleplex.

  • http://www.seodisco.com kid disco

    What?!?! You mean the special logo isn’t in honor of MY birthday? :P

  • http://www.seomoz.org randfish

    Anyone remember that brilliant Simpsons episode where Homer imagines himself going to the museum and playing Foosball against Michaelangelo’s “David” (whom he beats), then asks who’s next and Munch’s “screamer” yells “meeeee!!!!”

    It’s sad, because I loved that painting and the significance of it (or of them, since Munch did a few versions), but now all I can think of is Homer playing Foosball… Stupid pop culture infiltrating the whole stupid world… :(

  • http://searchenginetigers.com Simon Heseltine

    Looks like Bruce Clay is getting in on this whole custom holiday logo thing too :)


  • http://seoblog.intrapromote.com/ Erik

    Also appropriate since the painting was recovered a few months ago, after a two-year “Search”…

    (I completely missed the news of its recovery in August; I guess the theft was a much bigger story than the return – or I wasn’t paying attention.)

  • http://www.feedthebot.com feedthebot

    two year “search” he he nice tie in

    (I didn’t know about the theft or the recovery – I am really out of it)

    I searched for “danny sullivan” out of curiosity on my site (a made a “ask google” thing that uses co-op to only search official google sources)

    Danny you are mentioned alot even from the official google sources… funny