• http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow


    This is one of the best SEL articles I’ve ever read…seriously!

    Nice work!


  • http://www.turnthepage-onlinemarketing.com Robby

    This really strikes home for the true value of SEO is in results not rankings. I personally only feel we have done our job for a client when there business results improve. This requires a very comprehensive approach to our online marketing strategy for which “rankings” is one of many considerations.

  • Felix Lueneberger

    Very good article, thanks!
    I have experienced something different though. Sustained #1 ranking for competitive keywords over years, stable, if not slightly increasing search volumes, in my opinion decent title and description, BUT still decreasing traffic.
    Any input on that? I think personalization might be an issue as not all user might see me on #1 when they’re signed in.

  • http://www.SmartSearchMarketing.com Barry Bowman

    Thank you Shari! Thank you Robby!

    Felix, without knowing exactly what you’re targeting, your issue might have something to do with where your customers are in their buying cycle. You’ve probably read other articles here on SEL about research keywords vs. buy keywords.

    Using the example above, someone typing in ‘satellite internet’ may or may not be looking to utilize this service. For all we know, these could be college students conducting research on the technology behind ‘satellite internet’. However, a search for ‘satellite internet providers’ definitely show more intent to utilize ‘satellite internet’ in some fashion.

    My advice would be, as above, to survey your customers. Ask them exactly how they would use search to find your products and services. You might be surprised. Hope this helps!


  • http://www.replica-sunglasses.co.uk/ E.D.

    Its very true about ranking and traffic. Many get ranking but traffic is very less or irrelevant traffic. I have seen that traffic comes with the users input or let say users search query for a particular term for the day, week or month. M talking about the eCommerce sites.