• http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    Nice summary Steve, let’s see if they clean it up or leave it as is. Good to have some shaking going on in the local space, the change is good.

  • http://www.bookingangel.com deanmcevoy

    Quick question Steve. Im no SEO guy but I imagine citysearch wouldnt want myspace indexed as they would want pure credit for the original content with the search engines. How would google treat this duplicate content if it did index it?

  • http://www.LocalSearchNews.net Steve Espinosa

    Duplicate content wouldn’t be a problem for MySpace because the sort order of the results pages would probably be based on grades from MySpace users which City Search results pages would not have.

    They could get caught for the profiles but most likely not. There are 1000’s of IYPs all with the same businesses and they all seem to do just fine. Probably not enough competition amongst all the local search phrases to be a big enough deal.