• http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    Awesome article Duane.

    Clearly, agency SEM’s have to be visible in the community in order to generate business. However, it is shocking to me that the great majority of corporate SEM’s are totally anonymous. A corporate SEM should make a strong effort to be a known, public individual if for no other reason that he/she might need to get another job someday.

    Sphinn is a great place for a corporate SEM to get known in the industry but Sphinn is only a starting point…the corporate SEM should use Linked-In and even Facebook to get known by people outside the SEM niche.

  • http://www.JohnWEllis.com John Ellis


    Terrific article!

    I think the main point, which you hit on several times, is to get and stay active.

    Thanks again,
    -John W Ellis

  • http://rbdrodeo.com/2007/07/12/presidential-candidates-and-social-networks/ Simon Heseltine

    Nicely said Duane.

    A little attention to other departments in your organization makes things so much easier down the road for you.