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    Still no adgroup level site link extension help then Google?

  • Pat Grady

    The news banner sizes and file size limits, are in the online interface, changing fast. I didn’t even see the notice about this evolution, aside from some of them coming to the Editor. IABification?

  • David Rothwell

    There’s some confusion about Enhanced Campaigns and Enhanced Sitelink Extensions, so I posted this yesterday:

    Enhanced Campaigns, Enhanced Sitelink Extensions, and AdWords Editor

    I have to confess that with the upcoming enforced move (July 22) to Enhanced Campaigns, I assumed that we would also be forced into adopting enhanced Sitelink Extensions at the same time, and that standard Sitelinks would become obsolete along with Legacy Campaigns.

    Enhanced Sitelinks promise vastly more functionality, versatility and reporting, and are therefore one highly desirable feature of the new Enhanced Campaigns that has most everyone excited.

    But with many campaigns (maybe hundreds or even thousands) to manage, compatibility with AdWords Editor becomes paramount.

    And so far, AE has shown no sign of this important capability.

    Checking with Google today, I learned that you can run Enhanced Campaigns with Legacy sitelinks until September when they will be retired.

    I’m also told that Enhanced Sitelinks are on the AdWords Editor roadmap before then.

    So, although you can’t use AE right away to manage the new functionalities like scheduling, device specific sitelinks etc, the move to Enhanced Campaigns will not affect what you do with your present Sitelinks, and we should soon have what we need with Editor.

    I hope that clears things up a bit :-)

  • Nozulu Mchumane Mpafane Solly

    One of Google contacts told us that, you do not have to upgrade your Sitelinks, you can use Legacy Sitelinks with Enhanced Campaigns