• http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    I have a blog post of my own on this:

    Regulation Of Search Engines discussion – “Federal Search Commission?”

    “But the authors’ specific attempts to find a hairsplit for search engines (my paraphrase here) – secret algorithms, or overblown marketing claims, or Google-is-God perceptions, or defining it as not discussion among citizens – just seem to me to be playing to the discomfort that some liberal-arts types have with anything involving technology. If computer programs are covered by copyright (something that was not so evident years ago), then search engine ranking are “opinions”.”

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    Seth, good post. I hadn’t seen Lauren’s post about disputing search results. I guess my main question would be why a special form instead of just the more speech that someone can do on their on website(s)?

  • http://sethf.com/infothought/blog/ Seth Finkelstein

    Thanks Matt. Why not “more speech”? Because this issue is not about merely speaking, but whether or not you’re heard.