• Roberto Fonti

    Did you notice the Google is not showing the snippets anymore from the Google Play Store?
    Search for example for ‘google maps android’.
    Why is that? Looks like they deliberately removed them,they used to show up few weeks ago.

  • http://twitter.com/yoast Joost de Valk

    You should do a search with &hl=es (setting the interface language to spanish) to see a cool feature of those international product snippets: they’re automatically translated, here’s an example:


  • http://localseoireland.ie/ Sean – SEO Ireland

    That’s pretty neat! 

  • http://e-exoticplaces.blogspot.in/ Exotic Places

    Breadcrumb test is easy in rich snippets tool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/M-Christopher-George/602996730 M Christopher George

    Ironically… I thought you should know, your face is not in the Google search results when I searched for Google rich snippet tool. As you know, you are at the top of the page, but your face is not.

    You should try the Google Rich Snippet Tool! (kidding)