• http://qualitypoint.blogspot.com/ Rajamanickam

    How to bring back the Black Bar?

  • http://www.JoeRega.com/ Joseph Rega

    It seems strange that they would remove a shortcut to Google+ (+You) after they’ve been pushing it so hard the past year. 

  • http://twitter.com/targetonlinemkt TargetOnlineMarketin

    Agreed with Joseph but this is what website optimisation, A/B testing is about after all…
    I quite like this navigation bar for quicklinks to YouTube accounts, G+, Google Places, etc
    I vote for keeping it!

  • http://raventools.com Jon Henshaw

    They’re already doing this with Google Drive (aka Docs). It appears to be all about focus. For example, when you go to the main Drive page, you have the bar. However, when you open a new document, the bar disappears. I’m assuming they’re applying the same philosophy to their search results. They know you’re there to search, and therefore the bar is a distraction.

  • Alex Chitu

    Inaccurate. It’s the custom UI for “A Google a Day” (notice “agad” in the URL?)


  • Damon Hedg

    How can I force it to show on my sites?