• http://www.search-engine-feng-shui.com François Houste

    Looks like you forgot Donna Fontenot in SEO Scoop (http://www.seo-scoop.com/)…
    By the way, isn’t it some kind of sexism to make a special post to say that women too own blogs?

  • http://www.grayhatnews.com Gurtie

    *ahem* :)

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    I forgot to say. I know I’m going to be missing people, so feel free to add further links. And sorry, Gurtie — yep, Gray Hat is on the blogroll, so I’ll update to the above in a bit.

    Sexist to do a special post about blogs by women in search? I suppose some could argue that. But I think women in the industry might be interested in knowing where other women are blogging. Men might want to see what other men are blogging — but the point is, it’s pretty easy to come across blogs run by men. So I think it’s worth some attention.

  • http://www.keyrelevance.com christine

    I wanted to mention two more women bloggers -Debra Mastaler http://thelinkspiel.blogspot.com and Amanda Watlington http://amandawatlington.typepad.com. Debra blogs heavily about linkbuilding and Amanda blogs on blogging and happenings on the Internet.

    A side note, Debra shamed me into starting a blog recently at http://www.semclubhouse.com/ , so I guess I’d be a third lady blogger to add. :-)

    Oh, and Danny, thanks for giving special recognition to lady bloggers.

  • http://www.searchmarketinggurus.com Li Evans

    Thanks for the mention Danny! :)

    BTW – those who are looking for all the women i’ve interviewed at SMG, there’s a great resource I’ve pulled together. Its a list that contains each woman and links to their interview. Within that interview there’s usually a link to their blog and also their own websites.


  • http://www.cre8pc.com/blog Kim (cre8pc)

    The trouble with posts like this is those who are left out, such as my blog, wonder why and then those SM blogs that are male owned/run that do have women contributors, such as SERoundtable (Barry has two women on his team) are not included. Suffice it to say the list is actually larger…with new ones coming on board, such as Christine Churchill’s blog.
    I had blogged about women in tech with blogs and it was fun to see them come piling out. If I could put in a word for them, there is Kalena Jordan and Sophie Wegat in Australia who have SEO oriented blogs.

  • http://solaswebdesign.net Miriam

    Hi Danny,
    I enjoyed this post. The SEOigloo blog is run by me…a lady! And…I have Search Engine Land in my blog roll.

    My blog deals primarily with small business SEO and web design issues. We’ve only been blogging since 2006, and are working hard on making our blog a better resource all the time. Just thought I’d say hello.
    Kind Regards,

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    I know it’s not perfect. But neither was it every posted as a comprehensive list, Kim. I wanted to mention a few new ones and point some attention to the work Li’s done with interviews, plus I knew people would contribute more.

    The problem with ANY list is that some people get left out, regardless of sex. I’m confused about you saying you’re left out, however. Cre8tive Flow is mentioned in ths post, and it along with Cre8asite is on our blog roll. Kalena’s mentioned up there in this post as well.

    Anyway, like I said — it’s not perfect, and I appreciate the comments from everyone along with links and pointers to more.

  • Kim (cre8pc)

    Danny, thanks and I understand…Cre8tive Flow is the Cre8asiteforums blog. It has a woman blog editor (not me), and blog posts are by moderators and guest members. The biggest poster is Bill Slawski, so I doubt it fits your women’s blog list, LOL

    My blog is Cre8pc SEO and Usability and never made the blogroll properly because I think it was confused with the forums blog. Li followed you up with a post today that lists The List.

    It’s fun to see the new talent popping up, like Rebecca, Lisa, Tamar and Liana and of course, SEOFanGirl :)

  • http://www.gohindi.com gh.mohit

    seems in coming days women would be having more blogs than men, great thought. keep it up.

    see ya,

  • http://www.searchenginecollege.com/blog.htm Kalena

    Wow, you sure give good traffic Danny. Thanks for the blog backslap and thanks Kim for the blog love, it’s mutual I assure you! We may not wear yellow shoes but we can still blog with the best of em.