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    I usually read SEOMoz when I see something on this site that entices me to read more. This past week I tried the new services and signed up for premium services, however within an hour, I unsubscribed.

    The crawl test software is flawed, it didn’t find our DMOZ listings on either Yahoo or Google, yet a quick manual search told me otherwise. I immediately decided the software wasn’t of value nor credible at all. If I’m going to pay for premium service, it would be preferable that the service actually worked, I should ask for my money back, but to be honest, I was so disappointed in the Premium service that I had no energy to fight for the $40.

    The Term Targeting software was of no use either. Everything it told me, I already knew – this is why I optimize for these specific terms, and therefore the software should have found it.

    What was useful, were links to software not within SEOMoz.

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    This is Matt from SEOmoz, I created the Crawl Test tool along with the rest of SEOmoz’s tools.

    First off: you are confusing the Crawl Test tool with the Page Strength tool (which is completely free, anyone can use it) The Crawl test does not fetch DMOZ results, it tests how accessible your site is by search engines and examines on-page factors.

    Second, the term targeting tool examines a page and determines what terms appear to be important to search engines. If you ran it on your URL and it returned results you were already aware of, then bravo, your site is search optimized. However, try running it on a client or a competitor’s domain and see what kind of results you get. It’s incredibly useful for competitive research as well as catching problems on a site that hasn’t been well optimized.

  • Rhea

    Loving the robot builder tool from Dave!

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    Hey Matt (Oatmeal),

    Keep up the great work with your tools, they are amazing!