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    The more I think about it, the more ridiculous the border guards’ reaction is!

    Wasn’t LSD use actually legal 40 years ago in England and Canada? Wikipedia says it only started getting legislated against here in the US in the mid-60s.

    So, not only is it a 40-yr-old indiscretion, they’re apparently retroactively declaring it a criminal act…

    Is this sort of thing really supposed to make us all feel safer?

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    Luckily with Google webmaster tools I can remove that “Blame Canada” article I wrote.

    “Milne said he could not comment specifically on the Feldmar case, due to privacy issues” – That’s cool Milne, we will just Google it to find out more.

    Great stuff Danny, highlighting this is important because even though I don’t anyone who wants to go to Canada, I have heard that such persons are out there, and they should not get screwed.

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    Way to save Americans from incursions of radical hippy non conformity – God only knows what another bout of Free Love could do to us all!