• http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    As per usual, Google’s logo makes all its competitors’ look kind of sad, like they were banged out in 30 minutes or just photo-pasted together from the results of a few image searches.

    But Yahoo’s is by far the worst, as it seems to think that New Year’s Day is the same as Christmas, and for some unfathomable reason, that this is the Year of the Penguin. Admittedly, having penguins at Santa’s North Pole would be really cool, but you can’t introduce that concept in a logo for something else.

    Love Baidu’s energetic logo, though. There’s Google’s real competition.

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    D’oh, should’ve said AMERICAN competitors.

  • beverlyjct

    I LOVE the Google New Year 2011 logo idea!! Who does them? Are there any idea competitions for entries?

  • http://yoichispeaks.com/about/ Yoichi Nakanishi

    Hi Barry,

    I really love the roundtable logo design in the back ground! Love the hint of green and red in the picture! Very cool looking design!