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    A high level Sponsor is a good idea

    reminds me of one my first high profile web projects in BT.

    It was a RAD DSDM project and to solve the problem of entrenched obstruction we made sure the project had a high level sponsor (Bruce Bond) to kick ass if required – we discussed if for some rason he became unviable Ian (the chairman) would be the project sponsor.

    At one point certain people where pushing not to use HTML but some BT bespoke version of HTML (this was scotched after some high level shouting by some very senior RnD types)

  • http://www.theonlinemarketingguy.com sportsguy

    Excellent article Jessica – and very true, as well.

    We have exactly the Sponsor approach where I work, and it makes it much easier to move projects through.

    You build the business case for the time/resources it’ll take, and if things look good, it moves forward.

    Build a poor business case, things stall. Build a good one, things move.

    Building that internal SEO resource takes more than just an aptitude to learn about search – it takes someone who’s savvy and willing to change plans in mid step to fit the immediate environment they face.


  • http://www.kensavage.com Ken Savage

    Great timing on this article for me Jessica. Thx.

    I totally agree that getting respect and upper management onboard is totally the key.