• Jake Taylor

    Interesting data. If it has indeed really reached some kind of ceiling then I imagine they will turn to other products such as Google+ to create more revenue. One interesting thing that I read was a suggestion by a user to be able to sell products directly through a G+ profile or community.

    Or perhaps they could monetize the community model to have some sort of ‘premium’ communities for specific interests/industries/etc. My initials thoughts there are that there would have to be a user subscription fee for communities they wanted to join that could go to the community creator (they’re providing the value in the community, so there’s no incentive unless they get moolah), with a cost-per-subscriber model of some sort that goes to Google.

    Or they could do all of that regardless of their ad revenue. Who knows!

  • Dave Abbott

    If the decline also occurred last year (a comment above states, “which happened last year as well”), couldn’t this just be a seasonality issue? Agreed that it’s inevitable that PC Searches will someday decline, just unclear if it is happening now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001743765531 Drive Headquarters

    Google might be digging a hole for itself. The success of Android may as well damage Google. First of all, Google does not make money on Android, it is Samsung and Microsoft that make a lot of money from Android. (Microsoft collects $5-$10 royalty for each Android device); secondly, any search revenue from mobile phones cannibalize search revenue from PC. Advertisers pay much less for each click from a mobile device than from a PC. If people all search from mobile devices, then Google will sink.