• http://blogoscoped.com Philipp Lenssen

    (Hey, nice to see you here Gary!)

    One thing missing from many archiving sites these days are interactive snapshots, e.g. video from someone using the site. How am I gonna find out what Google Docs — or let’s say, AskX — really “felt” like? All that the Wayback Machine is going to provide to us, at best, is a static snapshot of the homepage.

    (In the context of Google, I created a couple of “museums” which also have video, by the way.
    http://blogoscoped.com/search/?q=google+museum )

    There’s another big problem with the Archive.org snapshots, unless I’ve misunderstood this when coming across it in the past: if a website changes ownership and the new owner disallows crawling via robots.txt, then the old (pre-forbidden-crawling) Archive.org snapshots will also not be visible anymore. (But it would be neat you get some official confirmation for this, it’s just a theory because I once got this message on the Wayback Machine.)

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    That’s right, Philipp – the snapshots can go away. I was at Foocamp a few weeks ago and have been meaning to write up a conversation I had with Brewster about this. My suggestion/solution is to take actual screenshots of sites. Currently, the IA does copying of the HTML. That’s nice, but it can be pulled. But legally, I don’t think you could get a screenshot of a site’s home page or perhaps many pages within it yanked. That would allow for providing some history retention yet I feel still respect fair use.

  • http://www.modified-news.com Rebekah

    Just a note that archive-it is coded to dot-com. i googled (it’s tuesday) and now i’ll check it out – thanks! (as of now i’ve got seven “searchengineland.com-referral” tags on del.icio.us and i’ve only been reading for a few days…