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    Before Four Day age I am check My Site Keyword in Google SERPs, My Keyword is down, behind this drop my keyword I Don’t Know. But read this Article I Know what The behind the reason My site keyword is Out Best 30 Results.Very Bad, Panda 3.7 Penalized My Site.

  • http://twitter.com/ajfinken Andrew Finkenbinder

    I had a client with rankings flying over the place for one particularly keyword.  Now I know why.  It ended up back where it began, however.

    Also, it reaffirmed my “let the dust settle first” approach to handling sharp ranking jumps.

  • AnnArborRealEstate

    We are still having trouble distinguishing seasonality from Penguin…. sigh. hah.

  • KeywordSearch Pros

    Great article. We’ve got great indepth insight regarding the panda update on our blog, http://www.keywordsearchpros.com. Head there now to learn more. 

  • Jaschahal

    My web traffic has gone from couple of thousand unique visits to few hundreds. Not a penalty but no longer appear on SERP 1. Hard work going down the drain :( I am not sure anymore how to handle panda and penguins
    Jas Chahal

  • http://sehabitat.com/ Ian Mason

    I dun’ predicted this mess on Friday! Actually I had no idea it was Panda – I had assumed it was a Penguin refresh. But now that I saw some penalized homepages recover during this panda update, I have formed the opinion that if your homepage stops ranking, and an irrelevant subpage is ranking very low down instead, your homepage probably got Pandalized.

  • http://sehabitat.com/ Ian Mason

    Build more sites and diversify but don’t take that as a signal to build spammy sites… try to find some kind of middle ground. It sucks how some of us used to believe Google’s suggestions that we should make one website and really do our best to make it high quality… My highest quality sites have been hit hardest in these updates, and my less helpful, lower quality sites have taken their place, along with nearly empty facebook pages, irrelevant youtube videos etc…

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  • gamerumble

    Really getting confused here… What am I doing wrong???

  • gamerumble

    I don’t only feel sorry for myself… I feel sorry for my competitors who seem to be in panic!

  • http://www.kaushalam.com/search-engine-optimization.html Kaushalam

    Just a little update. No need to worry and has not affected anyway. 

  • http://www.jchweb.co.uk/ Jack Hutchinson

    Same here Andrew – rankings for some of their best keywords were all over the place for a while, although they seem to have settled now

  • http://www.cbil360.com/ Website Design Company

    This update has helped me a lot to get quality traffic, but guys don’t you think there must be some consistency so the sites can get their respective positions. I just fear frequent changes may cause a type of imbalance to make web sustainable. There is no doubt we all want high quality of results and expect from search engines the same, but at the same time to much volatile behavior appears as a threat!!

  • http://twitter.com/TrivediRahul SEO Expert | SEO

    i hope we will see panda 3.8 very soon to make worst position of our keywords.

  • Wolfgang Gartler

    i am tired…

  • http://www.SmartInternetBusinessSolutions.co.uk/ Tarjinder S. Kailey

    Let see what would happen next…

  • http://twitter.com/ichetan ichetan

    One thing I have noticed lately is “newspapers” and sites that refresh frequently get a very high ranking. For example, I was the first in Global Media to break the news about introduction of “MTS Mtag 401” smartphone. However, if I google for the same, my blog appears at 50th rank because I don’t publish on an hourly basis :-) Good Luck Mr. Panda, as you kick good and original content creators out of Google.

  • Durant Imboden

    It’s too early to be sure, but I get the impression that Google’s latest update has given a boost to our editorial site’s traffic in the major English-speaking countries and had a slight negative impact on traffic from non-English-speaking countries. (Our site is in English with a Google Translate widget.)

  • ScottUK


    I have very simple question….If i am targetted by Panda or Penguin, can 301 help me…

    here is one case which i have seen over the years

    micrositez.co. uk was banned (Ranking down) and it was 301ed to micrositez-seo. co.uk (Ranking gained back)

    After that when micrositez-seo. co.uk banned (Ranking down) it was 301ed to micrositezdigital. co.uk (Ranking gained back)

    and now after Penguin it was again redirect from micrositezdigital. co.uk to seo-micrositez. co.uk and ranking back….

  • abhinav narry

     Danny I was in literally shocked with your “simple question”
    God save us

  • yumahi75

    I redirected old domain to my money site. After two days my site ranked 8.But after panda update my site went to 633.

  • Nishal Shah

    After Panda 3.7 update, generate double  traffic on my site…. First time I am really happy with panda update…

  • http://twitter.com/IMSpot1 IMSpot

    I’ve also noticed not double but little more traffic after 3.7 update. Good for now

  • http://www.seo.com/ Dustin Heap

    There was also some kind of change/update right before this as explained by Dr. Pete over at SEOmoz here: 
    http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-bigfoot-update-aka-dr-pete-goes-crazy.  With Penguin, Panda and this one SEOs need to really work hard to build quality links and focus on the user. Otherwise I imagine it’s going to be continually stressful as Google cracks down on low quality tactics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280958187 Troy Curfman

    look up rank on top they can help you..I mean I can. in two weeks youll see results.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280958187 Troy Curfman

    Remember Big G is looking for relevant content. Not spun!, if your
    building your website growth from the start- doing it the wrong way then
    trying to fix it later will only hurt.

    Another important thing to remmeber is Not to over optimize. don’t use
    those crappy backlink attempts like making a post and then pinging it.
    there’s more but lost my train of thought.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280958187 Troy Curfman

    It’s all about Local, Mobile, & trust. Dont backlink to untrusted or bad neighbors.

  • http://twitter.com/Seosive Seosive

    It appears that the update has helped some, and penalized others. I focus on producing good content and healthy backlinks, and none of my rankings have really taken much of a hit. 

  • http://twitter.com/Seosive Seosive

    I completely agree with you Troy. An incredible amount of people still use cheap SEO techniques and wonder why the updates have hurt their rankings. Why anyone would still consider spinning content is beyond me. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280958187 Troy Curfman

    Here is the secret sauce:
    From now on- diversify, diversify, diversify. You want to drive traffic through
    quality backlinks from multiple sources with varying anchor texts. That’s
    the name of the game with SEO from here on out.
    And you know that? This kind of SEO is going to be rock solid

    To keep visitors on your site a lot longer, do plenty of internal linking
    between pages and posts. Wikipedia does this, and it makes it MUCH easier
    to find what you’re looking for at times.

    Hop on the social networking bandwagon.
    Facebook and Twitter are the big
    ones, but you can use reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest and more.

    The key here is to do everything you can to make your visitors stay longer.
    The longer they’re reading your site/watching your videos, the more Google
    will think “oh, people do like the stuff on this site”. Go for high quality
    content, not just quantity.

    From Rank On Top

  • Marc King

    I have an SEO business that has dominated my market searches for years. I also have two other business sites in very competitive markets that only ever dangled around page 2 or 3. On last friday my SEO business dropped a dozen searches altogether and fell from #1 to #3 for my own name. While at the same time my other 2 businesses moved up to top 5 of page one for key searches. Funny thing is the SEO company handles SEO for all 3 sites the same way. Makes me wonder if Google is taking aim at SEO providers in a deliberate way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280958187 Troy Curfman

    Marc, yup, actually they will try to eliminate every effort for optimizing (within a year or two) so they have control, that’s why using social media to help spread the word will actually dominate the seo on a page because of the popularity in importance in real life.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3LNPZVIK2C46GNBYPPNRM5AQP4 Patrick

    I perhaps would never have
    known or known after a couple of months, about this or any Google search update(s)

    This is the main reason why I love SearchEngineLand. I read this website
    regularly, to know what’s happening in the internet world.
    SearchEngineLand please do keep up the great work.

    This is Patrick Carter from http://www.ComputerGeek247.com

  • Marc King

    I seriously doubt they can accomplish that in any real way. I just took a look by request from some companies that were hit very hard and its easy to see what they were doing wrong. Primarily atricle directory posts with the same boilerplate Bio and links like ezinearticles and others as well as the over hyped forum profile spam. Very easy for a script to find and thumbprint, so Google can always detect that sort of thing. However I do think the guys at Google are working against their own interests. If they claim to be aiming for quality and relevant content, there are many new examples of this update dumping a load of spam into local searches. All you need is a targeted URL and some spun blather stuffed with keywords and this update just thinks your just great. The law of unintended consequences. I wonder if the anti spam team actions are ever reviewed by the content quality math gurus for counter intuitive interference potential.

  • Rajendra Kumar

    Nice Tips