• http://www.optimizingengine.com wolfish009

    Landing here was a great relief. Thanks for the update Barry.

  • http://JamestheJust JamestheJust

    Thanks for the update, Barry – but neither URL worked in my case.

  • http://knigopad.ru K.P.

    Thanks very much. I use a different toolbar and was quite surprised to see thall all my websites had zero page rank:-)) Your post clarified this.

  • http://brandonswenson brandonswenson

    I was wondering about that. I knew the 3rd party tools I were using just werent updated. thank god.

  • http://seo-information-4u.blogspot.com Sunil Gupta


    Thank God, This may relief to many webmasters

  • http://www.superrankings.com Kerr

    Firefox Google Toolbar has been stable, that’s why I love Firefox!

  • A.H.

    Page Rank- hahahahaha!

    Can’t believe Google is still humoring people w that.

  • http://www.landofjacks.com L.J.

    Kerr, yes Google Toolbar does work, but it is not compatible with any of the newer Firefox versions (it is supported by 4.0 and lower, while the current version is 7.01). Since I was not about to switch to Internet Explorer (what SEO would??) I tinkered around a bit and found a pretty simple solution that allowed me to run the google toolbar in any release of Firefox. Since I could not find this info anywhere else I wrote up a brief guide: http://www.landofjacks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=76

    I hope this helps some of you guys, I know not having a working PR toolbar was driving me nuts.