• http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophietran Sophie Tran

    I knew I needed to continue with caution if I was going to read this post about the top search engines in this experiment. I was surprised to read that Google won second place to Bing! How could that be if Google is the #1 most visited search engine… is it not?

    Maybe Google ranks #1 in many areas amongst all of the search engines but perhaps Google let this one slip?

    And Yahoo: While I am excited and eager to follow Yahoo and see what Yahoo will come up with, I was unsurprisingly and painfully accepting the fact that Yahoo — as a search engine — was not performing as well as Google and Bing in terms of SERPs.

  • Matteo Setti

    So Google is in second place for being too precise?

  • Ginny Marvin

    Yes, and I recognize this is subjective. But I see no reason why Google can’t show both the live time and the NBC air time for US users if it’s going to push down results with the knowledge box. Also, the two organic listings that knowledge box bumped when it went up were for the NBC site, which wasn’t helpful. Bing’s result got me to the answer of both when the ceremonies were live and when they’d be aired in the States faster because it was there in the first news result at the top of the page.

  • Kelly

    Since I wanted to know when NBC was showing, and realized there was logically going to be a time delay, I searched “nbc showing opening ceremony”. My first result on Google gave me the answer, and the second result brought me to this- which is why I’m leaving this comment to defend Google. Personally, I think you received exactly the answer you Googled for, and so did I.