• Matthias

    I think there’s another problem here. Whenever I visit an online shop, I’m practically stalked all over the web by remarketing ads – even though I just bought something and in all probability won’t need to buy that same object in the near future. So those Bonobos ads are not only in the wrong context, they’re also shown at the wrong time. Maybe if they’d shown them in half a year or even a year (depending on how often you buy new clothes), you might have found the ad relevant, even on Facebook.

  • Nathan Safran

    Good point. Reminds me of the the old (chinese?) saying: don’t use an ax to remove a fly from a mans forehead.

    Subtle marketing is sometimes better marketing.

  • http://www.adamdince.com/ Adam Dince

    Awesome post Nathan and right on!

  • Nathan Safran

    Thanks Adam.

  • Gavin

    That’s just bad execution. They (the advertiser) should be serving you (someone who completed a purchase) a different message than someone who only viewed a product and didn’t convert or someone who dropped out somewhere in the checkout/shopping cart process. Frequency and cookie duration are also things to pay attention to. So don’t let bad execution cloud your judgement on the technology.

  • http://tweetphiladelphia.com Eric Van Buskirk

    Nathan, I’ve grown increasingly tired of “opinion pieces” in a world were the same ideas are repeated so frequently. But you have some terrific original ideas here! I agree that over-targetting, especially when people want to be more guarded from marketers in social, is a issue not addressed enough. Super job!

  • Surendra Yadav

    Nice to fiend this great and useful post.

  • Delve Partners

    Look at the performance of your adwords pixel’d remarketing list on the GDN. Then try the similar users list…you’ll probably see a 5x higher CPA :-) Keep in mind this system is big and data driven and it still yields untenable economic results.