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    Wow, that was a pretty heavy article for my morning commute. In general I have seen extreamly good numbers out of the display network, however it’s also the platform within AdWords where advertisers can quickly loose their shirt if they’re not paying attention. It only takes one or two bad experiances to shelve it and focus exclusively on search.

    Other than the importance of the GDN are there any tips AdMetrica would like to share with those of us who aren’t scientists ;)

  • http://www.scienceops.com Tim

    Absolutely. Cost-effective GDN advertising requires a tightly-coupled sequence of events. The most important of which is the first step in the sequence — getting the keyword list correct. This alone is a monumental task. With the correct keyword list, your ad will then be placed by Google’s algorithms on relevant sites. That’s step two. This then produces impressions, which — with the right ad creative (step 3) — will produce clicks. Clicks leading to a sound landing page (step 4) will produce the ultimate objective (step 5): a Conversion. This is extremely simplified outline ignores such fundamentals as budgets and bidding, but hopefully it’ll help. Any weak points in this chain of events will lead to failure to achieve the conversion. By the same token, minute adjustments to any one element can lead to dramatically positive results. Lastly, be aware that getting the keyword list right is impossible for a human. Really.