• http://www.toprankmarketing.com/ Lee Odden

    Thanks for a great post Paul, especially the part about optimizing for user intent. Thanks also for the mention! Not that it matters much, but I first discussed the notion of digital asset optimization in 2007 :) http://ow.ly/ldrb2 (feel free to remove the link if you like)

  • cutis

    Why would you make this comment, Paul?

    “Host your video on your own website rather than on YouTube or Vimeo”

    What’s wrong with creating a YouTube channel for your website? And what’s wrong with creating a Video hosted video? Where is the penalty in SEO for doing either?

  • http://www.seobooklab.com/ Ram Babu SEO

    Excellent Paul, we can now have huge assets to work on to get promoted our business. And these all are essential digital assets that help us to execute the process of optimization.

  • JustinKofron

    Lee, thank you for providing the link. I was able to follow that to a Google Webmaster blog that offerend real tips on DAO. Paul your post is a little disappointing, you danced around the issue. I thought this would be a lot more “how to”.