• http://www.cpcsearch.com Terry Whalen

    I’d add that it also makes sense to look at things in terms of monthly activity. If you have a lot of ad groups that don’t show more than $10 of total spend on a monthly basis, there may be a high probability that you’ve gotten a bit too granular (of course, much depends on the overall size of the account).

    In terms of campaigns, we tend to look at separate campaigns if the target metrics are different. For example, if you’re selling concert tickets and you’re working with a target ROAS of X% for that category vs. a target of Y% for Broadway shows, it probably makes sense to put these categories into 2 separate campaigns. If target metrics are exactly the same, it may be organizationally easier to keep them in the same campaign.

  • http://throwaway23 throwaway23

    Just a small correction but there is no “campaign level” quality score. Directly from a Google rep… “There is not a campaign level quality score. However, there is a keyword, ad group, and account level quality score.”