• mwhlee

    Great article. I constantly have internal conflicts, and contemplate this topic when I am in the process of pruning my keywords from my portfolio. I like the “Double Win” methodology you described, as up until now i’d basically decided that ROI was the metric to optimise on but I would always be sure to check that the low ROI keywords weren’t also the most popular. It was more of a “common sense” check though instead of a proven process as you have described it here. I feel better knowing i am pruning and optimising correctly.

  • http://www.kksmarts.com/ Mike Seddon

    Andrew, it’s great to read a sensible article about ROI and CTR.

    You are absolutely right about the win/win factor and it really can be a very delicate decision sometimes as to which of the ads you are testing is the winner. There can be a real conflict between one ad winning hands down on CTR and another on ROI. When that happens I usually look to see if there is a third Ad that combines the two Ads in some way and that might get the benefits of high CTR and ROI. It doesn’t always work, but thats how I usually start to tackle the conflict.

    Thanks again for an insightful article.