• http://www.ymarketing.com Ryan_Lash

    Andrew – thank you for your continued coversage of this sector.

    I have been watching, using, reviewing, hiring and firing solution providers since back in the BidRank and GoToast (Atlas OnePoint/Search) days. It is a very interesting space, one that seems to constantly be evolving…even today.

    Frankly, I thought we were at a point of maturity back in ’05 when Omniture stepped in with SearchCenter and WebTrends launched their own ‘campaign management module’. This made a lot of sense at the time; after all, how extensively could you be managing a campaign sans a full suite of analytical events to optimize against?


    PS: Definitely time for a Sherpa-style guide to search technology, eh?

  • http://starpointemarketing.com ryannj

    Good ‘high-level’ information but I was hoping for real data (i.e. comparisons). Maybe a table with “These tools have feature X and these tools don’t.

  • eMarketer

    Nice sales pitch. But these players are not leading edge.

    “Acquisio is currently rolling out several innovative bid rules.” – holy 2006!!

    Sorry, but not very insightful.