• http://www.markbarrera.com Mark Barrera

    I look forward to reading your column Andrew.

    Hopefully you can “sexy up” paid search for us ;)

  • AussieWebmaster

    A great start Andrew – I look forward to reading this column.

  • http://semsamurai.blogspot.com/ Leigh Hanney

    Thanks Andrew, solid post and some sound advice to come it seems.

    I’m an in-house search marketer, and for me, whether it’s Paid or Organic, both branches of the Search Marketing tree yield healthy fruit for the advertiser / site ownwer.

    So, great to see some specific coverage on Search Engine Land. cheers.

  • http://www.adapt.com Erica Forrette

    I also look forward to reading future columns! I’ve read the Traffick blog for a while, and look forward to Andrew’s columns here – and hopefully some more good stuff from other PPC experts!