• http://www.getfoundfirst.com Stuart Draper

    Where is that post where you mention James Zolman so I can check out his article?

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Sorry about that, Stuart, I meant to link to it. It is here: http://www.semvironment.com/what-is-truly-automated-adaptive-ppc-bid-management-technology/

  • http://philipjrosen philipjrosen

    Excellent post, George. You really hit on one of the key dilemmas facing paid search managers today. I wanted to add my two-cents by broadening the discussion beyond the two options you mentioned: human or bid-management systems. Our Edge.BI SaaS takes business intelligence(BI) technology and customizes it to the analysis needs of a paid search manager who has to deal with huge amounts of data from many campaigns across multiple channels. The result is not a bid-management system, but rather a highly sophisticated decision-support system the empowers the intelligence, experience and creativity of the PPC manager.

    Our belief is that paid search (and paid advertising in general) cannot and should not be fully automated–only parts of it will be. Frankly, the automated bid management tools have brainwashed us throughout the years to “automate” but in real life, any SEM and/or media manager out there will tell you how much tedious, manual work they still need to do (e.g. using Excel to manipulate and analyze campaign data to come up with actionable insights)

    Next generation SEM tools need to empower the human, not to replace him or her. We believe that at least half the time of and SEM manager should be invested in analysis, and this is what Edge.BI makes possible. It is much more important to know where to put your next advertising dollar than to automate that allocation (again, full automation does not work).

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Thanks Philip.

    We agree that both are essential elements for maximum performance. We’d argue that the use of databases and stats packages (R, SAS, etc) will go a good bit farther than excel, but whether basic or advanced smart folks can extract value when they have full access to the data. As this post addresses, there are situations where the value extracted may not be worth the cost of extracting it, but for large, dynamic, complex campaigns that’s where the bulk of time should be spent.

  • modelstyle

    Here a list of tools (not complete, but the bigger ones)

    http://www.efrontier.com/ (one of the bigger more expensive tools)
    http://www.clickable.com/ (more for smaller account (my opinion))
    http://www.intelliad.de/ (leading European tool with testing period)
    http://www.acquisio.com/ (could not test it as no testing period)

    any more interesting post here…