• Gus Van Der Walt

    Are these shifts really doing much to improve the search results? I was chatting to a friend the other day where they said they still just find useless results first. Never mind the fact Google appears to be leaning more towards ads than actual results. When do these shifts or updates begin to really make a difference?

  • http://www.vincenttobiaz.com Vincent Tobiaz

    lol ‘college marketing’ is a hilarious example of a keyword Google’s making much worse. Now the barnes and noble network of sites (check out bncollege, bncollegemarketing, etc.) Ranks highest. A horrible site with exact match domain ranks high. Then a bunch of sites that don’t have much to do with college marketing. 1 year old sites dominating a 500mil-1billion result high competition keyword. Bing results are dominating Google’s

  • http://twitter.com/pomhey Claudio Pomhey

    Haha… my site increased with panda 3.5, after a week, decreased exactly where it was two weeks ago; was it a rollback? or i must be really unlucky…. the Panda update that made me go up, was the shortest!! damn

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DH2KQZ5UI3IVMOOO35DLKLYZHM Jim

    One thing I am noticing since the changes is that my bing traffic has nearly doubled! Are people going to bing to find relevant results now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.iles Robert Iles

    I got an uplift from 3.5 and a slap from 3.6 – must have been looking for different things ;-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.iles Robert Iles

    Anyone else seeing a sawtooth waveform to their traffic from Google? The major updates tend to slap me then I build up slowly, but consistently, then another slap, then a build up …. is Google trying to confuse me or is it confused about what it wants from me?!

  • Peter Kern

    hahaha 500 changes every year??? really? and your results are worse than ‘new’ Bing SE. It seems google quality is going backwords with those rubbish updates

  • Oumbrella Bloggers

    we lost our rankings for some of our projects in last (3.5) update.. but we regained with 3.6 this time…

  • http://twitter.com/pomhey Claudio Pomhey

    But if one Panda refresh make you grow and the next make you decrease and you didnt’ modify anything in the time from one update and the other, how you can know which is the good way to keep a  website?

    It’s impossibile understand Google Panda for me.

    And if it is just ne of 500 parameters, why it’s the only one that change index so deep?

  • Johny Metellus

    just a week ago I was ranking for some keywords now I moved from being on the front page to no page that I can see. Or from number 3 or 4 to number 50.

  • Brook Zimmatore

    I am managing 63 websites and it’s all quite simple guys. 5 of the sites we started managing 5 years ago when “digests” were cool and snippets pulled from other sites was considered useful and good practice have all dropped about 70%. Leaving us with hundreds if not over a thousand articles to modify and update for Panda. The rest of them which follow the current google quality guidelines exactly have increased with the Panda updates with miraculous jumps from pages as low as 15 to page 1 or 2. 

    The main problem here is that Google has not considered the fact that THEY allowed this practice of SEO several years ago and now they are in fact saying “ooops, we have decided we don’t like this and you will get penalized”. So in summary:

    Message to Google: Seeing as you said many of the practices still visible on sites today were ok, why not give some lenience to sites with domains older than Panda?

    Message to all of you: Start going back over your site from the beginning and make sure it follows the Google Quality Guidlines http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35769

    Otherwise, stay alert and diligent! Panda really needs a PR to manage it’s releases…

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  • Durant Imboden

    We’ve seen a fairly consistent daily increase of 10-15% in Google referrals since the Panda 3.6 update (a welcome change from the first two Panda updates back in February and April, 2011).

  • GambleIrma29

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  • http://twitter.com/StuffDatMatters Reagen Aguda

    This is really frustrating. Neither Panda and Penguin affected the search results here in PH. Now we have this huge classified website dominating the 1st of SERP. Worst, all 10 objects on the 2nd page also came from the same adsense-populated site. Not cute Mr. Panda!