• http://www.demib.dk Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    > Tough one, no?

    No, I don’t think so. It’s the same as always – the engines say one thing, we do another :)

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    The specific guideline for doing paid reviews or paid links is to make sure that your links don’t affect search engines. You can do that via a nofollow attribute on your links, or an internal redirect which goes through a page which is robot.txt’ed out, or several other methods.

  • http://www.smart-keywords.com/blog.html AussieWebmaster

    I think a lot of the witch hunt for paid listings can be forgotten. Why not just apply the relevancy parameter to this. Do people who go out and get links from other sites by whatever means have differences?
    I do think the people giving the links have a little responsibility but at the end of the day when a site has a link to their brother’s site about sports news and they are a site not related to that you guys generally just decrease the impact of the link. But to start a witch hunt through the web is not very realistic and the scope pushes you to dramatically decrease your page build or profits since the human eyes you would need to pay would be quite substantial.
    Or you have the situation like ODP or what is now surfacing at Digg and the other social networks.

  • http://www.jlh-design.com JLH

    I still say to try to get targetted traffic, the rest will work itself out. If I can get a bunch of traffic from an on-topic blog by throwing a few dollars their way, then it’s a good link. How the search engines treat the link, well, I’ll leave that up to them. Seems to me they’ve got enough on their plate than to worry about paid blog posts.

  • http://www.feedthebot.com feedthebot

    Matt, can you give me the URL of the help page or Google documentation that provides this guidance?

  • http://www.yourfreshstart.us/wp geeurbie

    Paid advertising is every where so why should blogging be any different. People get paid to do mystery shopping so why not mystery blogging. This seems like a lot to do about nothing. I just placed PPA buttons on my blog as a way to monetize the blog.
    I absolutely will not use adsense. I most likely will never see any paid blogging gigs as the blog has no PR, even though it is the #1 Google ranked house cleaning tips blog three times over.