• Emin Andreasian

    Biggest difference I see is that Google is not showing the same SERP’s or website on particular page.. Basically, one website is not dominating 4 spots on page 1.

  • jetsetter883

    Anybody noticing any changes?

  • http://www.maxminzer.com/ Max Minzer

    It’s not live yet.

  • jetsetter883

    I actually don’t disagree with that. I kind of hate seeing multiple pages of one website packed onto one SERP. If your site is listed at all on page one, people shouldn’t have a reason to complain.

  • Jon

    Ohhhh shitttttt

  • Emin Andreasian

    Max, for 1 keyword I had position’s 11 and 12. With the update, my homepage (position 11) jumped to position 8, and my other page is no where to be found.

  • Emin Andreasian

    Yup.. I think that was biggest change. This makes it fair for everyone.

  • klippers

    It will be interesting to see what impact this plays once it rolls out.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ChimonaSEO Nicholas Chimonas

    Penguin hunting season has officially opened. Now I await with baited breath for recovery stories post refresh *fingers crossed* Anyone on here have penguin recovery clients they have been working with?

  • Peter Watson

    This has nothing to do with Penguin. This ‘cluster’ update was separate.

  • Emin Andreasian

    Ohh, I thought it was part of Penguin. Anyway, I’m seeing that on my end.

  • Jeff

    I see a lot of changes already. We maintain more than 10 sites, all seem to have changed SERPS on the first page with a certain keyword. I also noticed that authorities seem to have a bit more strength.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.boulton.71 Adam Boulton

    Yes, it is. Probably depends on your datacenter though. I’m seeing some major shifts. Good stuff!!!

  • Ilse Beermans

    Google allready hit me with some very important keywords… still page one… but lower now…. just hope site will stay on page one for these keywords…

  • Peter Watson

    I’m still not seeing it in Australia as yet. Still clustered results for me :-(

  • Eyepaq

    Penguin 4.0 will just show an empty first page of serps :) Everything will start with page 2 or for some queries with page 10 or so ;)

  • Peter Watson

    IN the article above Matt said this is being rolled out “within the next few hours.”

  • Jeff

    Indeed, I totally agree with the shifts i’m seeing this far, very positive!

  • EamonSalmat

    What is really interesting about this – his shirt !

  • http://www.referencement-grenoble.com/ Référencement Grenoble

    Already seeing some changes as well, some of my pages have just
    disappeared from the SERPs for a few big keywords. Can’t get to any
    conclusion right now but linking is not the only explanation, that’s for sure.

  • https://www.odesk.com/users/TOP-SEO-Professional-Google-Certified-Marketing-Consultant-Analyst_~~7b0dcfb086e2622f?sid=49002&tot=1&pos=0 Zain ejaz

    Ahh got 20 websites in my Queue nothing got change!

  • http://www.jonielsuezo.com/ Joniel Suezo

    hahahaha! mozilla firefox t-shirt :D

  • http://www.referencement-grenoble.com/ Référencement Grenoble

    It’s still being rolled out, about 15% of my websites have been affected
    so far. Strange changes even started to appear last night (most of
    these websites are French)

  • https://www.odesk.com/users/TOP-SEO-Professional-Google-Certified-Marketing-Consultant-Analyst_~~7b0dcfb086e2622f?sid=49002&tot=1&pos=0 Zain ejaz

    Can you please share 2,3 of them! Lets see what’s common between them!

  • http://www.referencement-grenoble.com/ Référencement Grenoble

    Roll-out is now complete, only 2.3% of US queries are affected but it varies with the language.

    Source : http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/penguin-2-0-rolled-out-today/

  • Nir Shay

    Yep, this is it.
    i see lots of changes in israel

  • http://www.referencement-grenoble.com/ Référencement Grenoble

    Can’t give links cause because they’re part of my 2 main networks, but I will definitely share my conclusions when I have all the data (and reflexion)

  • Wendy Piersall

    Do we know if this is this completely separate from the “Panda softening” Matt mentioned in his video? I’m just curious if the improvements I’m already seeing are from my competitors losing rank, or if I’m finally emerging from the ‘gray area’. :)

  • http://www.inkode.co.nz/ Aidan Rogers

    Do we know if this is rolling out internationality to all Google’s cctld’s? Or will it be rolling out to different countries in stages?

  • Florin Traian

    Yes it’s LIVE, Austria, UK, Romania from what I can see!

  • http://www.rustybrick.com/barry Barry Schwartz

    Updated my post to talk about the international roll out.

  • http://apocalypticthoughts.com/ Synfidie

    My one post that used to be impossible to find on google has now ended up on the second page of the search. think that’s a good thing. ;)

  • Stephane Brault

    So… that was the big update everybody was scared about?!? Spammers are still there… So this means they will outrank me until the next update…

  • Nizzy Niz

    Grrr Hack-link sites are still ranking well, but Blog spams and track back sites are tanked. We were expecting more changes with penguin 2.0.

  • Peter Watson

    Not much happening down here in Australia…….

  • http://www.webmaisterpro.com/ Kaloyan Banev

    Not much afraid of any new update, have survived more than 100 major updates in my 13 year of SEO career.

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    I just read the post of Matt’s blog as well, it confirmed it’s completed rolling out. Still haven’t seen any effect here. Is there anyone who has affected by this algo update? or do you think it will affect in few consecutive days or something?

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    It has completed rolling out as it has been written on Matt’s blog.

  • JakubHanke

    how do you watch your serp rankings in the real time?

  • Peter Watson

    Maybe a day or so to settle, but I’m not seeing big changes in the serps as predicted.

  • alice

    Is this update only for webmasters?

  • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com/ BloodyGoodGames

    I’m so sick of Matt The Paid Professional Liar talking I could scream. He just loves to hear himself talk doesn’t he? Waste of space, especially as more and more people are moving to Bing search so could care less and less about what he has to say. (Google down in search market in April, Bing the highest it’s ever been. Yay!)

  • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com/ BloodyGoodGames

    LOL, yep. All the same spammers with only 3 page websites. Still at the top of Google in most of my site’s areas. No wonder everyone I know has moved to use Bing.

  • http://www.acneeinstein.com/ Seppo Puusa

    Yep, just checked one fairly competitive commercial keyword in my niche. The site was registered about 4 months ago, has 2 to 3 pages, over 500 referring domains (mostly paid and cloaked links from totally irrelevant sites – one from an escort directory!) and about 70% of the anchor texts featured the money keyword.

    Spam reigns supreme despite P. 2.0.

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    I think it’s live as I have just read many of comments on Matt’s blog and many people are seeing changes and Matt just recently replied still “Denying Value Upstream For Link Spammers” is about to come

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    But he has also mentioned below that line “The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide” so I guess if it’s finished in other languages [which might be except English], English is the main language and might be finished algo rolling out in English version. Don’t you think so?

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    Same here in India, no big changes I can see. Even no news from the industry here, may be it will come gradually as and when people start experiencing it as many of them might not even aware that penguin 2.0 rolled out. But i think this 1 doesn’t has as big effect as the 1st version had. may be because people were ready for the update because of pre-announcement of update

  • Faiz Alam

    Hey Matt Cutts, I am Ready with this update… I bet you, no one can harm my website, in any case… :)

    Well thanks for this update on the time..

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Alan Smith

    Spammy Online Businesses now having down ranking ?

  • jayson

    Use incognito mode in your chrome, go to google.com and you can see non personalized and #i suppose fresh results :)