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    I want my social media to be personalized and my search to be independent. There is nothing social about search. It’s madness to show me my own stuff when I am looking for information!

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    Google keeping tabs on our searches then selling that info to advertisers is just another example of over the line profits before real search value to the user. People are using alternative search methods as a result, which will ultimately hurt Google in the long run. Our privacy is not for Sale.

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  • Matt McGee

    Thx VP – we wrote about that last week on our sister site, Marketing Land:


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    Personalized search messing up search results has been a major talking point since Google+ started pulling major search power. Granted, everyone exploited the new social media platform for personal gain. But the results of the survey are not surprising.

    We wonder if there is some element of search that perhaps someone could do better than Google. THAT we’d like to see. If not personalization, what alteration could be made? Depersonalization, where everything is from the generalist angle? What kind of searches would we get?