• birseo

    By Birendra Singh, Internet marketer India
    If we try to put our PPC ads on the second top position, i hope it will help in decreasing the CPC.
    The discussion in the present article is not much useful.

  • http://rachelleking.wordpress.com rachelleking

    Great article! It is so very true for a company to be satisfied with PPC performance for them to find a match between their business goals & the agencies talents. You have given solid advice on how to find those agencies that can stand the test of “proof”. Being able to build actionable reports to increase different online goals is key, & if an agency doesn’t understand what is important to the business for it’s success then it can not build good campaigns little lone reports to help the company grow.

    I think there are agencies that can do both awareness & direct “action” marketing through PPC however also finding those that won’t abuse the “Brand” to show high ROI is another thing to be aware of. I like that you point out companies are getting more involved in the results & are asking to see data even at the keyword level! Coolo! Finding a balance between brand campaigns & CPA campaigns in PPC is an art, & unique to the business goals. Love this article! Thanks :o)