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    Great post! At ion we fall into the half of the online marketing world that advocates tapping into the long tail. It seems to just make sense because it allows marketers to reach niche audiences. We use long tail in post-click marketing to target visitors with very specific landing pages.


  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au alanmitchell

    Hi Matt,

    Excellent point about evaluating the benefits of long-tail keywords versus the cost of managing them.

    Long-tail keywords can work – in a recent study of searches of different word lengths (1-18 words), I found that searches of 5 words or more (what I describes as a ‘long-tail’) delivered 21% of clicks but generated 40.5% of conversions, most at a significantly lower cost per conversion. Long-tail keywords can be extremely profitable.

    However, as you point out, creating and managing comprehensive long-tail campaign are often only possible at great time, cost and effort, so it’s essential to weigh up the likely benefits of a long-tail approach with the likely costs for your business.