• http://www.heliumseo.com.au Greg Gillespie

    Great article Brad, you make the case for search a multi-dimensional stage, which is exactly how we think. We don’t just begin searching when we hit the Google button, but our quest exists before and sometimes after and is shared across the digital realm that we happen to find ourselves dancing through. There is a real challenge for business managers to grasp this 3D search field that their potential audience exists in.

    ps. Like the graphics – they simply a lot.

  • http://www.electro-medical.com mnort9

    Great article, nicely written. The “share-ability” factor is very challenging for B2B marketers. You can create great relevant content, but are businesses really showing appreciation and sharing? I think in the technology industry it is more natural for execs and employees to share useful content.

    My only question is, outside of the tech industry, are businesses that we target with quality content actually sharing it? I feel like traditional businesses need an extra incentive to share because they have not fully grasped the whole social media movement.

    I’m in the process of organizing a high quality content strategy for a medical ecommerce website. My biggest fear is even if we create great content, will medical professionals, rehab clinics, and therapy centers that we are targeting actually share it?!

  • http://Scottcanney.com scottcanney

    -Great article Brad! This not only applies to B2B, but also B2C as well. Shareability and social media should become part of all 2012 marketing strategies, especially as these start playing a more integral role in search algorithms.

  • http://www.endurancemktg.com Gwen Morrison

    Great article, Brad! Companies who are still counting on keyword optimization as a way to get found are going to find themselves lagging behind in 2012. Quality content–sharable content– will be huge for both B2B and B2C companies. I think you’ll see even more companies blogging–and adding Google+ to their marketing mix.

    Now is the time to create a new strategy for your business!

    Thanks for sharing!