• Patrick

    We did this video a day before this article. I hope that it may provide some insight on some Covert SEO tactics being used and a few steps site owners can take to avoid accepting content that (in my opinion) could devalue their ratings. Sorry the video is a little rough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDr_RU5jbVs

  • Scott Davis

    Labor hours will cost more in 2014… not less. You must expect a significant time decrease if you think link price (as you have so defined it) will decrease.

  • Scott Davis

    Respectfully… who cares what Bing, Yandex and Yahoo do combined.

    96% of organic traffic comes from Google (for our hotel websites). If you really want to primarily focus on the other 4% of the organic traffic…

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    “Labor hours will cost more in 2014”
    Where ?

    I don’t see why someone will pay more for the link building job, when expectations of the link weight decrease in algo are higher.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    Those who understand, that focus on Google is the dead end.

  • Scott Davis

    Labor costs… Hourly wage… Inflation… Higher Taxes… Health Insurance Tax… Gas Price Increases… Food Cost Increases… Minimum Wage Increase Pending (if the government gets its way)

    The cost of labor never goes down. It only increases as long as people are involved. So whether that link is worth more or less in the long run algorithm wise… it’s not going to cost you 1 cent less to get. It can only cost you more in 2014 than in 2013, unless you choose to forgo link building all together and truly naturally earn your links.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    “The cost of labor never goes down”

    Obviously you reside in heaven )

  • Scott Davis

    And obviously, you’ve never owned a business with employees other than yourself.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    I replaced them by software.

  • Andrea Bosoni

    This is not about what Yandex or Bing do now, it is about what Google could do in the future.

  • Andrew Elva

    Yes exactly!! Value and price are two different things. Not all of us need–or want–to buy links.

  • alidaxla627

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