• http://www.seekxl.de/blog/ seekXL

    Send Pictures please :), that we german people have pictured news too :)

    seekXL :)

  • http://www.harrymaugans.com Harry Maugans

    I’m from the Atlanta area. Any idea how to get an invitation? I’d love to go.

    – Harry Maugans

  • http://www.seekxl.de/blog/2007/03/19/jimmy-carter-zur-eroeffnung-bei-google/ seekXL

    Pictures can you shot outside the new office too :) if carter stay out of the car *smile*

    i search for special offers at ebay, but no deals to make for event invitations. a selfmade press card is a alternate, but i don´t know how creative you are *ggg*

    if you found some pictures, i´m happy if you can send me some.

    greetings from Germany

    André :)