• http://szetela.me David Szetela

    Brilliant, George. I will be forwarding this article to many of our clients.

    Did I say many? I meant all. :)

  • David Rothwell

    Very insightful article and totally agree.

    You could have an absolutely *identical* account to your competitor, all the same keywords and negatives, same ad copy – everything but of course the TLD domain name.

    And of course your site, sales process and backend is unique to you, as are your running costs and profitability.

    You could have stronger CTR, better conversion rates, lower conversion costs, and still be less profitable than a competitor with a leaner and more efficient organisation …

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Thanks guys. I’m expecting the hate-mail from Hitwise to begin soon :-)

  • Duncan Fisher

    Good article, agree with a lot of this

    Like for like comparison isn’t necessarily the answer when assessing the quality of your own campaigns. Benchmarking against a list of acceptable criteria is an extremely useful exercise though, particularly if you have a set of pre-defined best practice rules that you can frequently review / test your campaigns against.