• http://twitter.com/joshbachynski joshua

    There is a mistake in this report, “Matt said that less than 10% of the 700,000 emails that went out in Webmaster Tools were Penguin related” no Matt said that only 10% of the GWT messages were LINK related (a.k.a: the dreaded unnatural link notice). Penguin has nothing to do with manual actions.

  • http://twitter.com/ChaseSEO Chase Anderson

    Great point Joshua – the level of confusion around the penguin release is alarming. How many domains do you think were more impacted by the Panda 3.6 release (April 27) than penguin but don’t know it? That issue alone is enough to cause mass confusion for months for less experienced SEO’s – when you start adding link notices into the mix it multiplies the issue.

    Typos should definitely be corrected to stop the spread of misinformation. If everyone is on the same page we can move forward – if there’s mass confusion things get messy and we spin our wheels as a community.

  • kerrydean

    Hey guys. I got that sentence updated. It turns out that I had misread my own notes from the session. Sorry about the confusion. Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers!