• http://uk.rankfirst.info/ Simone Luciani

    Mobile is growing rapidly and I’m not impressed by the numbers. In the UK I think we have the same growth, but would be nice to compare the markets…

  • Nick Mack

    would be nice to see a further device breakdown

  • http://twitter.com/gsterling Greg Sterling

    There is more on iOS vs. Android, as well as the UK and other international markets. You can get the entire report by filling out the form on the Marin Software site. 

  • seanpearse

    Crazy..the introduction of google offers and rewards in conjunction with google wallet will see the mobile conversion rates soar.

  • http://twitter.com/K_J_Designs Keith James Designs

    It’s almost impossible to parse the numbers simply based on user agent strings. If I’m sitting on my sofa using my iPad or iPhone am I really mobile? If anything, the report is based more on device than mobility. We will need more specific data to determine if we are targeting devices or locations.