• http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    Thanks for the write-up! This was Jianfei’s first conference representing Google, and it sounds like it was a good conference for the attendees.

  • Chris Sherman

    It was a good conference, Matt – and Jianfei did a great job representing Google (we had lunch before the panel so I know what he actually said, despite translation difficulties).

    But man, you guys have to knock off this Google world dominance thing. Gord Hotchkiss and I climbed the Great Wall at Badaling on Monday – although I’m not sure of the exact stats, probably 1/2 mile vertical ascent and a few thousand steps upward, and once we reached the final watchtower at the top, were asked to take a picture of the group that had made it there just before us – all Googlers! Sheesh, I’m even running into Google at the last outpost of the friggin’ Great Wall of China now… what next?!? ;-)

  • foolsgold

    I had a really interesting time at the conference. Met a load of new people, learnt a lot about China and SEM. Best sessions for me were the Enterprise Life Cycle, Bill Hunt did a great job as did Marshall Simmonds. I also enjoyed Rands link strategy – check out the Yahoo! and Google handshake on his presentation!

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    Heh. Well, I guess there are more Googlers these days, but it’s still surprising to hear that you ran into a bunch of Googlers at Badaling. I hope they were all polite. :)

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    By the way Chris, I just found out that 1-2 of the Googlers you met were people I know. Small world. :)