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  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Yahoo!’s other stockholders should start worrying now that Loeb is about to pull another Carl Icahn on Yahoo!  That poor company just seems to attract the worst possible investment fund managers.

  • http://www.cutey.co.uk/ cutey

    Paper doesn’t matter, if he did a good job why care.

  • http://twitter.com/gsterling Greg Sterling

    @cutey. I subscribe to that view (as I said above) to some degree. But the “scandal that wouldn’t die” quality of all this plus other things going on behind the scenes were likely in play. 

  • http://twitter.com/cryptblade cryptblade

    1. He’s an outsider with no tech-media experience (i.e. he wasn’t poached from Google or Facebook).
    2. He’s brand new to Yahoo.
    3. He was quick to throw some executive recruiting firm from years back under the bus.
    4. He never took any responsibility or held himself accountable – ALL THESE YEARS.
    5. “Good job”? What has he done?

    Thus, he’s not done a good job, he’s not done any job at all. He’s an outsider without the proper credentials and hasn’t built ANY trust with Yahoo and already his integrity and honesty HAS to be questioned.

    Really – stop being so naive. If you were a Yahoo employee and your BRAND NEW CEO blatantly LIED about his credentials and blamed someone ELSE, how motivated would you be and how much would you trust HIM to be the navigator of your career or longevity in the company???

  • http://twitter.com/cryptblade cryptblade

    Greg, ‘Cutey” is wrong.

    Put it into perspective of a Yahoo employee. If your brand new CEO, who’s barely started to try to captain the Yahoo ship is embroiled in controversy over his honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness, how would you feel?

    You’ve already gone through Terry Semel, Jerry Yang, and Carol Bartz. You witnessed an attempted hostile takeover by Carl Icahn and held your breadth waiting to see if you will be forced to become Microsoft – only to find out if you are part of the Search business, you DID become vassals if not serfs to Microsoft. How would you POSSIBLY look at this mess and go “huzzah, we are headed in the right direction”.

    No, it would add more embarrassment and cause you to think “we are going no where soon, my raise and promotion won’t be coming, and I won’t further my career with more great projects and initiatives.”

    If you’ve not been in a company that is either stagnant or slowly dying, then you are completely ignorant of how utterly defeating that kind of atmosphere is.

    It is better for Yahoo to DUMP this guy and promote someone from within to better move on. Screw the shareholders though.

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    My resume suddenly looks amazing…

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  • Jeremy Wilson

    If I were a Yahoo employee I think I would be more concerned with your bumbling board members that hire all these CEOs that go nowhere but down. If the same people are choosing the leadership (to push their own agendas) there is little likelihood that the new guy will do any better

  • http://twitter.com/ContentAxis Content Axis

    I don’t think it should be fair to suspend a person for the simple reason that he didn’t have degree on computer. It would have been considered right at the time of recruitment.

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