• Shannon Sofield

    It looks like Google’s plan to increase revenue is working.

    This statement is telling:
    “click-through rates jumped 25 percent in Q4.”

    Why would ad clicks surge this late in the game without major changes on the AdWords side unless the organic search results are not providing relevant results?

  • DeineMutter

    I can guarantee a topic that will get the one pulling it off a lot of exposure:
    Please, someone with access to these kind of data calculate the loss of international economies due to googles schemes. With seemingly small changes in their organic search engine (which provide highly volatile SERPS when you look a bit closer), they boost the money spend on ‘reliable’ paid adwords- campaigns. That way google drives large amounts of money from foreign economies to Ireland and then to it’s own pockets (without leaving much in Ireland).
    Local online shops try to serve their domestic market: In the past the biggest searchengine on the planet would help people to find that shop, if the used keyword matches the ones used on that online shop. Today Online Shops get treated as thin content farms with abysmal rankings and google places PLAs all over the results page, effectively channeling most of buyers into their MC shopping ecosystem. Even small changes like an orange flag next to ads or the size of the font will have an effect on the way the SERP is used by customers – and thus changing the money spent/earned. My guess is, that each nations economy loses a large chunk of money to google itself. Maybe even on a political scale.